‘There’s more news in the want ads…’

One of the old axioms of the newspaper business is that weekly publications in towns where everyone knows everyone else is that “There’s more news in the want ads than there is on our front page.”

Here is a sampling of how that practice worked for many years, they’re taken from issues in the early 1920s of the Atwater Republican Press and the Raymond News.

Atwater Creamery Association holds Annual Meeting. The president’s report told of strong business increases in the year just completed, and that the Association now has 130 patrons. Thomas Johnson, President, Brent P. Hovey Secretary, and C. J. Berg, Treasurer were all reelected to remain in the offices they have held in the year past. Lunch was served and there was entertainment.

On account of the flu, Raymond’s Park Theatre is closed and will remain closed until the first Saturday in March.

Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Peterson celebrated their golden Wedding anniversary this week.

The Willmar Tribune has been named the official newspaper of Kandiyohi County. It will furnish all the official county news to all the newspapers in the county, Mrs. August Wenzel Sr. celebrated her birthday last Sunday, several of her children and many neighbors spent the afternoon with her.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Miller this week. She weighed ten pounds.

Miss Bessie and Herbert Hebrink returned home from Fillmore County this week. Herbert was robbed of $30 by two bandits as he was walking from the hotel in Renville to the depot. No information on the robbers has been seen as yet.

The work of the Willmar Gospel Team was greatly appreciated by all in attendance at the Methodist Church last Friday.

The Roelefs and Van de Riet real estate business in Raymond has been purchased by J.R. Topp.

Mrs. Nels Bard and her son and daughter departed yesterday for a visit with relatives in Chicago.

Two young men from Litchfield were killed yesterday when they tried to beat an approaching train with their car.

Stop! Let the train go by! Hardly takes a minute.

Your car can start off again intact.

And…better still…you’re in it!