Get inside Christmas and it will get inside you

This was written many years ago by friend Carolus Anderson. It was used as a column years ago, and is well worth repeating.

The inside of Christmas

“The outside of Christmas is visible. You can see it. It’s there in Christmas trees, in holly, in toys, in gay store windows, in gifts wrapped in bright paper.

“The outside of Christmas can be heard. In chimes, in carols, in organ music, in sleigh bells, in the voices of the choir.

“The outside of Christmas can be tasted. there’s the turkey and the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie and the candy.

“In the hurry and scurry of the Christmas season most of us limit our contact to the outside of the Christmas season. Most of us are so busy we don’t have the time to get inside Christmas, so it becomes, for most of us, a surface experience..

“To discover the true riches of the Christmas season we must penetrate beneath the surface. We must get inside Christmas. Then Christmas will get inside us and we will have a truly mystical experience.

“No one knows quite how to go about exploring the inside of Christmas. Each of us must go adventuring to find the inside of Christmas in our own ways.

“One thing is certain and that is that we must get away from the turmoil and the outward excitement that are so much a part of the outside of Christmas.

“We must get away from the visible and journey into the invisible. We must quiet the mind. We must seek the inside of Christmas in the silence; we must look for it in deeper selves.

“We may go alone into a cathedral or chapel late at night to meditate. We may sit alone by the fire in our homes, after all the others have retired, and open ourselves to the flow of good will and joy and peace.

“We may take a long walk under the stars, or through softly falling snow. We may sit by the bedside of a sleeping little one and think about the miracle of childhood.

“When we take the time to seek and find the inside of Christmas, the true Christmas spirit will glow within our hearts.”

Thanks, Crole.